About us

BetInvest is a new social platform for sports Tipsters and Punters.

Join our fast-growing betting community and demonstrate your experience in predicting sports events. 

BetInvest provides many options for members:

For Punters 

  • Punters can test sports knowledge by posting picks that will be automatically processed and displayed in graphic form with full statistics 
  • Punters can automatically follow picks from Tipsters
  • Punters can choose stake per unit for Tipsters
  • Auto Bet max stake
  • Auto Bet max odds change in %
  • Email notification for auto bet  

Sports Investing, Punters and Investors

We are looking for anyone with experience and skills in sports' predicting - you do not have to be a famous tipster or have any previous records. We will assess everyone on the same basis and anyone with the ability - or potential - to make a profit will have a chance to cooperate with BetInvest over a long-term period. 

Punters can post private picks for Investors through BetInvest .

Investors can arrange deals with Punters and manage picks; max stake per unit, max stake per match and other options.


Verify your betting model 

If you are predicting sporting outcomes, developing your own betting model, need a history of data sports events, need automating your sports betting algorithm, and any other sports betting issues, we will be happy to consider issues and requirements.


Tipster Competitions          

 BetInvest offers a very innovative way of rewarding profitable Tipsters.

 Take part in our regular Tipster Competitions and enjoy the benefits of free sports picks.

 Place your picks at your chosen games and see how you would do at a real bookie

 You are not risking anything, but you can win cash.

 Currently everyone can take part in Tipster Competitions in the following way:

  • Register at betinvest.co
  • Choose Prematch or Live and Post tip for Tipster Competition
  • You can post from 1 to 10 units; 1 unit is equivalent to 1 euro
  • Every tip will be graded automatically after sports events finish
  • Monitor your records at Tipster Competitions
  • If you have positive yield after 500 tips, take your money
  • For Details and Rules please click on Tipster Competitions



BetInvest has a background application that monitors sports markets for you and sends you an alert if there is a good opportunity on the market. In fact, BetInvest application monitors the latest odds movements from one of the biggest bookmakers in the market -  Pinnacle Sports .

Most soft bookmakers follow pinnacle odds movements to adjust their odds. So if there is a big odd-drop at Pinnacles, you can be sure that it is only a matter of time when every other bookmaker reacts the same way. The trick is that you need to be quicker and place a bet with higher odds before the odds are dropped.

Registered members of BetInvest have the opportunity to receive email alerts on the latest odds movements, please just sent a request for dropping odds at info@betinvest.co and admin will add your email address.